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Royal Canadian Navy Veteran and candle maker LCdr David Lewis and wife

This is Us

This is us, Lieutenant-Commander David Lewis (Ret'd) and Sherrie my wonderful military wife of almost 40 years. 

I just recently retired as a Public Affairs Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy but my military career began with US Army Basic Training at Harmony Church, Ft. Benning, Georgia. Followed by Advanced Infantry Training (AIT) at Benning, we were then posted to Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 8th Infantry Division in Mainz, West-Germany where we spent much of the 1980s. It is a long and eventful story which brings us here.

My credentials from my service in the Canadian Armed Forces includes The Meritorious Service Medal, The General Campaign Star–South-West Asia, Commander Canadian Army Commendation, Canadian Forces' Decoration, and  The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal .

We are the proud empty-nest parents of 5 great kids, all of whom are off doing their own thing (one of whom is also in the Royal Canadian Navy). Our daughter Jerusha just recently blessed us with our first perfect little bundle of beauty, our grand-daughter Elizabeth Grace. 

On my retirement in Mid-2019, we explored various opportunities to create a small craft business from our home. Our  requirements were simply that it must be Canadian Military related, and it must give back a percentage to Canadian veterans charities. We looked at small roast coffee companies, but that niche market already has a few solid players. We explored other options.

In a seaside gift-shop on holidays I happened to smell a Chai candle. It immediately brought me back to tasting my first Chai at the 'Green Bean' on Camp Eggers in Kabul in 2011. The memories rolled in from my Afghan deployment and the various scents involved (some good, others... not so much). The idea stuck with me. What if we created a line of scented candles which could be enjoyed by all, but would be of unique reference to anyone that has ever served in any branch of the CAF.

We have received overwhelming interest and support from family and friends. Suggested scents have rolled in from active duty and retired members across Canada. Spending long hours working on formulas and mixtures for our unique scents, and we're almost there. 

We hope you like our product. The candles are made with paraffin wax and our colours and scents are almost all intentionally Canadian sourced. 

10% of all net sales are donated to a Canadian veterans charity or organization. Some of the ones we chose to support are listed in the 'Giving Back' section of the website. We also chose to work with and support as many veterans/youth/military organizations as possible. We will custom design a scent and label to assist in fundraising efforts of these organizations as well as give back $4 of the $14 candle price for every candle they sell.

Feel free to touch base with us if you manage a gift shop, or kit shop which might be a good venue. We are already preparing wholesale orders for some of these venues. We do hope to have our candles available across the country as well as from our website.

And please feel free to like our social media platforms, and to share us with your friends.

We look forward to hearing from you

David and Sherrie Lewis

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